Shake and Speare Agency Member

We're Shake and Speare, a digital marketing agency that builds quality websites that just work and aren't a pain for businesses. Our aim is for you to take and have control and not to feel like you're held hostage by impenetrable nonsense.

Member Bio

We’re here to help people. That’s the main aim. The little way in which we do that is by building their businesses websites that a- are easy to access and edit, b- look and feel great and c- just work.

We keep things simple. We build in WordPress, we don’t charge the Earth and we’re available at the end of the phone should something need sorting. Even if that’s just a quick question over a cuppa.

We’ve built a reputation as one of the go-to designers for the construction and trade sector but we love working with clients in all different sectors.

Shake and Speare started small, but we’re growing fast and have lots of exciting plans for 2021. Interested in finding out more? Drop us a line, we love a chat and we’re very friendly.

Key People

Grant Robertson

Founder and CEO Set up Shake and Speare in 2018 and has loved every minute since. Regularly found speaking at trade shows, on webinars and to our great clients. Oversees everything that we do. Likes travel and the outdoors. Dislikes people who ask a question then don't listen to the answer.

Grey Fraser

Marketing and Account Coordinator Joined Shake and Speare in 2019. Is our social media guru, has run multiple awesome campaigns. Incredibly helpful, wonderful team member. Regularly chats with clients to check in how things are going. Because that's a nice thing to do.

Julian Vidal

Lead Designer Julian joined Shake and Speare in 2020. Is a master of WordPress, a CSS hero and just great. If we're working on a website, chances are that Julian is taking the lead. Can create almost anything you want. As long as it's related to websites.

Penny Adams

Founder and Co-Director Penny deals with all that behind the scenes stuff that keeps Shake and Speare working so that we can keep helping clients. Travel obsessive and a key stake holder in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.