Events to educate and inspire creative businesses this July

28th June 2022

We have a jam-packed events agenda in July so we thought we’d summarise the education and inspiration you can enjoy.

All Bristol Creative Industries-run events are free for BCI members. If you’re not a member, sign up from only £4.50 a month

Wake Up Call: Blogging for results – How to strategically use content to move people along the buyer journey

1 July, 8.30am. Free for BCI members only. 

Wake Up Call is our online event exclusively for BCI members that’s delivered by BCI members. It features a 30 minute practical presentation and Q&A every other Friday at 8.30am.

First up in July is copywriting expert Rin Hamburgh from Rin Hamburgh & Co.

On 1 July at 8.30am, Rin will look at the different types of blog post you might use to engage your audience at each stage of their buyer journey and guide them one step closer to doing business with you.

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Why we need to talk about menopause at work

5 July, 12.30pm. Free for members, £25 for non-members. 

Women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, and a significant percentage are likely to be in senior/leadership roles, plus on the front line of client relationships. 25% of menopausal woman say it can have a ‘debilitating’ effect on their ability to do their job, but unfortunately due to lack of awareness and societal shame, this is issue is not acknowledged enough in the workplace.

What can you do if you manage a team that includes women who could be heading towards menopause if you know nothing about it, and wouldn’t have much of a clue how to tackle a conversation about it?

In this online session, executive coach Fi Craig and Kinneir Dufort’s Tamsin Chambers discuss why this menopause is such a relevant topic for the workplace, why is it not spoken about enough, and what business leaders can do to address it.

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Solutions to the 2022 Recruitment Challenge

14 July, 12.30pm. Free for BCI members, £25 for non-members.

In this online workshop, recruitment Liz Gadd will cover the affects of the pandemic, Brexit, the ‘Great Resignation’ of 2021, the gig economy and how they’ve have contributed to businesses’ current recruitment challenges.

She will suggest solutions and ideas on how you can better recruit including perfecting your recruitment process, advertising the roles, using job boards, working with recruiters, and much more.

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Wake Up Call: How to supercharge your lead gen activity with value-based bidding

15 July, 8.30am. Free for BCI members only.

This online session will demonstrate how you can drive lead quality through the roof and bid more efficiently using value-based bidding.

Harriet Barter, from paid media agency Launch, will guide you through what value-based bidding is, how it works and how to start using it right away, so you can target the conversions that mean the most to your business.

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Other events from the Bristol creative community

See all events here.

Running your own event? Submit details here for listing on the website. 

All Bristol Creative Industries-run events are free for BCI members. If you’re not a member, sign up from only £4.50 a month


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