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Bath-based start-up on a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone with a pioneering low cost, 1:1 coaching model.

Member Bio

For too long it’s only the usual suspects at the top of organisations who’ve been able to afford to benefit from the superpowers that professional coaching brings.

We’ve create a revolutionary, boardroom-busting model where price is no longer a barrier. We offer everyone, from the intern to the CEO, unlimited access to a community of passionate coaches. With confidential conversations about any area of life, from relationships to parenting, career to confidence – a coach is a champion and cheerleader (minus the pompoms).

Founded in Bath by Ashleigh Tennent, a trained coach, marketer and product person with a background in businesses like and Wool and the Gang, we’re now working with a fantastic group of companies who are serious about building cultures of learning, growth and personal development.

Key People

Ashleigh Tennent

Since training as a coach, I’ve wrestled with the uncomfortable truth that coaching is largely only available to people who can afford the fees or who are in senior roles in organisations. And yet I believe in the work, and the impact it could have if everyone had access. In August 2020, I launched a tech start-up with a unique business model for coaching that takes the price of one-to-one coaching from an average cost of £200 per session to less than the cost of a pizza. The mission is to make coaching equally available and affordable for all. Clients now include: Friends of the Earth, Pact Coffee, Daye, Minor Figures, Pieminister, WeFarm, Blue Ventures Conservation, DoNation, YuLife, Okko Health, The Modern House, Feedback Global and many more.

Toby Sawday

I'm a CEO-turned coach, NED, host of Campfire and Commercial Director of More Happi. I work with More Happi because I want to see the incredible power of coaching (done well) reach as many people as it can, not simply those with senior positions or deep pockets. I coach because I want people to have lives that are aligned with their gifts, which make them more connected to themselves and others, and that have meaning. It is from this that real aliveness comes. And I've experienced the opposite. I run Campfire because I have experienced first hand the powerful support and energy that comes from having an intimate group of fellow adventurers who face similar challenges, who have your back, whom you trust intimately both to challenge and support you, and who are rooting for you to be the best you can. I am a NED because I love the strategic and practical challenge of business, not any old business. I want to see deeply values-led companies like Sawday's and Canopy & Stars flourish so that they continue to be examples to the wider business world that ethics and profit can go hand in hand.