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Keep Art It Champions the joy of human creativity with engaging content that amplifies artist culture by any and all means.

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We began showing art during lockdown 2020 with a massive show in the Galleries Shopping centre.
We’ve since held festivals, charity events and multiple exhibitions of high and emerging artists.
We believe in creativities power to create positive change in individuals and have devoted our lives to amplifying that power.

We are currently focusing on video work that allows us to use our extensive knowledge of the creative sector to better tell stories from creative individuals, institutions and businesses.

We have a growing YouTube channel that promotes arts and creative expression in and around Bristol.

We Keep Art It and that’s exactly what you should do.

Key People

Douglas Karson

Douglas is a painter and sculptor who sells work regularly both internationally and within the UK. He founded Keep Art It with the vision of have a better place for more people to find out information about working art and artists. He lives in Bristol with his young family.

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