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I am a 3D Motion Designer, based in Bristol, UK.

I have a strong foundation in After Effects and Photoshop from my early days, through to running an events and production company, working for studios and freelancing. 
Over the past 6 years I have been taming Cinema 4D into submission, like a motion matador of sorts. I like to think I’m well on my way to mastery! However, like the humble Sensai, I know there is a long road ahead and with every new day and every new project there is a chance to learn and strive to keep improving my craft. With that being said, I have added Octane Render to the toolbox over the last two years to push the boundaries while speeding up and finessing my workflow.
My inspirations are born out of a love for music, rave art, wireframe, clean-ass renders, glitch, chrome and trying to capture emotion and humanity in 3D figures.
I have been fortunate enough to build a deep knowledge and passion for my craft, whilst working for myself and studios that have allowed me the freedom to create some great work and work with some amazing clients!