Emily Joy Rich Freelance Member

Hi there! My name's Emily, and I'm a Lettering Artist, Muralist and Designer based in Bristol, UK.

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I’m a lettering artist – but what does that mean? Well I’m pretty much obsessed with letters. That’s whats buzzing around my brain when I’m trying to sleep at night. Fonts, logos, lettering, typography, murals, calligraphy, you name it I love it. And my absolute favourite thing about lettering is that I can create it and design it myself – by hand. Whether that’s pushing the pen tool around on screen to create the perfect font that embodies your company values, or getting messy with paint to create the perfect handwritten brush script for your logo. I love to turn lettering into art, and make people feel something that they wouldn’t quite get if everything was just set in helvetica. (No shade helvetica, I still love you.)