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72Point is the market-leader in content creation.

We generate, produce and deliver top quality news stories, pictures, videos, visual puzzles and animated infographics to the national news media and beyond.

Our client list includes a string of huge global brands, as well as some of the biggest names on PR Week’s Top 150.

We land coverage every day in print, online and via social platforms.

We are part of the SWNS Media group. SWNS proudly brings the heartbeat of Britain to life for our biggest news brands. Every day, hundreds of our stories, images and videos are published and broadcast across the national media.

SWNS content spans breaking news, court cases, amazing human interest stories, consumer issues, health studies, scientific breakthroughs, opinion polls, and stunning imagery and viral videos.

We distribute to the biggest news publishers in the world – from the Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail to the Times, Telegraph and New York Post

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