Why we need to embrace difficult conversations

14th December 2022

We’re living and working in uncertain times, with challenge and conflict becoming more commonplace. But as humans we often avoid conflict and difficult conversations rather than seeing them as an opportunity to find new ways to problem-solve and understand each other better. And avoiding conflict often results in further challenges down the line.

Why do we avoid it? It could be perceived lack of time, fear of upsetting someone or damaging a relationship, fear of getting it wrong, fear of losing face or saying something we might regret. Or simply that we just don’t know how to address it?

What if we saw it as an opportunity to reframe our fears and see them as a growth opportunity, the chance to understand ourselves and each other better, the chance to learn, and build stronger, longer-term relationships with our colleagues and our clients so that we can continue to do impactful work together?

Having run The Effectiveness Series a number of times now, the most rewarding moments for me are observing attendees find confidence and clarity to take difficult steps forward in their work.

Whether it be successfully applying new techniques to help solve problems, developing more confidence into proactively exploring different scenarios, outcomes and implications, or finding new ways to negotiate on price and communicate value.

I love what I do and I know that the more I can help others find their inner confidence in difficult times, the stronger we’ll be together. Bring on 2023.

Learn how to handle conflict and difficult conversations

The Effectiveness Series is a three part workshop programme that takes place in January, February and March 2023. It focuses on:

  1. Embracing a proactive, problem-solving mindset.
  1. Finding confidence in conflict and difficult conversations.
  1. Pricing for confidence and profitability.

Book your place here. Bristol Creative Industries members get a £130 discount.


About With Mette

I’m an independent consultant and training specialist, helping businesses and teams find new ways to solve problems, embrace change and put plans into action. I share practical advice, tools and frameworks that enable you to reach your full potential.

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