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We’re an Independent Brand & Creative Agency that crafts powerful brands, and we put instinctive creativity at the centre of the agency. Natural Creativity™ puts our team at the very heart of what we do, so individuals prosper and imagination thrive!

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Every aspect of life is becoming increasingly automated and data driven, and brands are now less distinctive and more generic as a result.

We know great ideas are vital to building dynamic brands and growing our clients’ businesses. Being inquisitive provides the vital spark to a great idea, and it’s our talent and imagination that brings great ideas to life.

Natural Creativity™ enables us to develop and deliver distinctive high performing brands, brands that are more differentiated, more appealing, more intriguing and more engaging….. the progressive brands of the future.

We have creatives and clients who have been with Quantock almost as long as the 3 decades we’ve been in business. We like to think it is because we put relationships first.


Creativity is the last unfair advantage were legally 

allowed to take over our competitors” – William Bernbach


Key People

Mark Dalton | Managing Director

What is natural creativity? A soft factor and a uniquely individual and authentic characteristic, creativity goes to the very heart of human decision process - the head and the heart. Our agency is built on values, and our team is built on character. It's about individual expression and a diverse set of skills combining to create innovative solutions. Natural Creativity™ is infinitely motivating! IT'S ALL ABOUT INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION!

Werner Zeelie | Senior Client & Business Development Manager

What is Natural Creativity? The natural and instinctive capability to see what works creatively, with the strategy set in place, allowing a brand to be both original, effective and profitable.

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