Jawbone Creative Collective Member

Jawbone Creative is a design agency providing creative solutions for modern brands & businesses. Specialising in a variety of creative fields from animation to videography we’re able to provide impactful and meaningful messages for your business.

Member Bio

Jawbone Creative was created with one purpose, to provide the very best creative solutions for our clients.  Our work is effective, dynamic, and undertaken with an intelligent approach that reflects the core values of your business.

Key People

Hannah Bone

Hello! My name is Hannah and I'm an illustrator from the UK. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2017 with a First Class degree in Illustration. My biggest inspirations are the people and interactions that surround me everyday in my hometown, the vibrant city of Bristol. I love to work with bright colours and create my work using a wide variety of mediums, especially featuring the use of gouache and coloured pencils.

Will Andrews

Will has worked on a variety of animation projects. From character animation, internal communications, explainer videos and more. Will is our right hand man for all of our animation needs.

Louisa Keefe

From Tweets to website content-brand boosting, copywriting Louisa can do it all. Whether it's formal, casual or hitting that sweet spot in between, Louisa will hone your copy to match your brand's tone of voice and communicate your personality.