Here Now Films Agency Member

Here Now Films is a Bristol based documentary and brand video production company.

Member Bio

Here Now Films is Bristols leading video production and micro documentary film studio. Cutting our creative teeth in the world BBC Documentary we bring a deep grounding in story to every production. Now working in the commercial sector Here Now creates films that focus on brand purpose, placing characters and great narrative at the heart of every film.

Here Now reinvests its profits towards making films for projects and people who are working to make the world a better place. Over the last 3 years we’ve gifted over £100,000 in time and films to important projects in the UK.

Key People

ED Smit

A marine biologist by training and a film maker through vocation, Ed believes film has the power to change the world and is passionate about using Here Now Films to do exactly that.

Ollie Couch

Heading to Falmouth School of Film Ollie learnt the foundations of film, leaving the university... he learn't how to break them. Today Ollie is the creative engine behind Here Now and is one of the core members of the team.

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