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We are a specialist marketing agency dedicated to bringing much-needed creativity to healthcare communications

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Create Health is a pure strategic creative agency specialising in healthcare.

We believe that brilliant ideas aren’t just good for business, they can make a positive difference to healthcare professionals and their patients.

Data and stats may have their place, but if you truly want to change hearts and minds you need to move people; make them feel something.

That’s why we’re only interested in creating the truly contagious. Communications that are rooted in insight, employing the latest understanding of human cognition and decision making, coupled with emotive, thought-provoking communications that are designed to spark action.

We believe that Creativity is the cure.

If are interested to find out how creativity can support your business or you’re interested in coming to work for us, please get in touch.


Key People

Ed Hudson, Managing Partner

Phil Blackmore, Creative Partner

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