Healthy Young Minds goes digital

24th April 2020

We’re on a mission to brighten up isolation and inspire every child in the nation!

If you’re from the South West, you may have already heard of Healthy Young Minds, our initiative to encourage children into STEM subjects by unleashing their creativity and imaginations.

Last summer, we tasked every child from Summerhill Academy, Bristol, to help us think of ways to tackle two of the world’s trickiest health problems: dementia and air pollution.

Why? Because complex problems require uninhibited thinking. Something that we know children are fantastic at. They have creativity by the bucketload, but often aren’t consulted on the big issues that they will likely face in the future. We think they should be.

It was a fantastic success: we had 400 entries, a judging panel with the likes of Dyson and Alzheimer’s Research UK, and four seriously impressive winners.

We’re taking this online

Now that the nation’s children aren’t in school for the forseeable, and parents have been thrust into the unlikely role of teacher, Healthy Young Minds is back for 2020 with a digital twist.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be uploading new Healthy Young Minds challenges that you can download from

From topical Corona-themed challenges to ecological topics, we promise to open your childrens’ minds and give parents a helping hand for as long as this lasts.

All you need to take part is paper and pen (or a tablet if they’re lucky enough), and a dollop of imagination.

Will your little one be a big winner?

We’ll be judging the nation’s creative inventions and awarding our favourites with some e-prizes to help make lockdown easier for the whole family.


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