Business Strategy Day – Money management


24th May 2024




De Vere, Tortworth Court

I am super excited and it’s not even something I think you need. It’s so much better than that… It is something YOU WANT!!

What is the number one reason businesses close within the first 3 years amongst other elements? Poor cashflow?

Yes, how did you guess that? And that is exactly what this is about.

Let me introduce you to how to go for an Afternoon Tea the Yarka K. way

Business Strategy day with a focus on Money Management

– Clearing off debt
– Pay yourself more each quarter
– Create habits to stay accountable long run

I have an opportunity to run a workshop there for up to 15 business owners to help them grow their businesses and the cash mindset and management system to support them on the way.

What is the workshop about?

  • Taking your numbers for a date
  • Control over cash, not overwhelm
  • Going from broke to being able to afford things you desire
  • Set goals&achievements
  • Setting up a way to manage your money that works for you and is sustainable
  • Making an accountability plan
  • FB pop up group to get to know each other
  • Whatsapp group for accountibility and access to support

Planning this event started with wanting to go out for an afternoon tea. If you know me at all you’ll know I LOVE CREAM TEA/AFTERNOON TEA. I then found the venue to do it in and if you haven’t been to De Vere yet – it’s impressive, magical, an absolutely stunning place. The big ideas we all have should not settle for anything less than De Vere.

Does even talking about money sound fun for you? Do you find it easy to talk about money?

No? Well, this day is going to change that and it will shake the ground you’re currently standing on

Sign up via the button below! Seats at the table are £147


  • 9.30 coffee&spa with Lynda, start the day to relax and to energise
  • 10am interactive workshop
  • 11am time for implementation
  • 12.30 Afternoon tea
  • 2pm finish – this should fit quite well around your school run commitments

Invest in yourself and your business. Or gift it if you have a friend you feel needs it.



Claim your seat here

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