Action Your Accounts / Yarka Krajickova Business Member

Offering accountancy support that is simple to understand and is approachable. I speak plain English and im used to explaining jargon.

Member Bio

Yarka Krajickova came to the UK from the Czech Republic to work as an au-pair in 2002. With just £60 in her pocket and a backpack she went from being homeless in London, to settling in Bristol, and putting herself through university, studying accountancy.


Qualified as a licensed accountant, she has 17 years experience in the industry, supporting a wide range of corporate clients in the tourism, hospitality and event hosting industries.


In 2017, Yarka started her own practice and in 2020 launched Action Your Accounts, a ‘you ask – I answer’ accountancy support for female business owners determined to do their own bookkeeping and tax returns and valueing the learnings it comes with it. She spends her time hosting interactive workshops, speaking at events and podcasts, paneling making the information you need about your tax simple to access and simple to do.


Yarka lives in Bristol with her husband to be and their two boys aged four and six. When she’s not working, she enjoys going to the gym, running with the boys, reading books and exploring the UK in the family caravan.