The Art of Creative Resilience: Steve Chapman

BCI Keynote


19th Nov 2020





After joining us for ‘You’re Beautiful Wonkiness‘ last year, we’re excited to welcome back Steve Chapman for his latest talk on creativity and resilience. 

The Art of Creative Resilience

Something happens to our perception of creativity as we grow older and adapt to fit into the way the adult world works. We’re often encouraged to put play and uninhibited creative expression aside in favour of focusing on important “grown up” work.

Creativity is often commoditised or “thingified” in such a way that it only exists in the form of a product, a process or a job description. It’s almost as if adult creativity is only valued if it is clearly FOR something tangible and measurable. But creative expression doesn’t have to be focussed for it to be of value to mental and physical wellbeing.

Join us on Thursday 19th November from 12.30-1.30pm for ‘The Art of Creative Resilience’ – an online talk and Q&A with artist, writer and speaker Steve Chapman.

Chapman will explore the concept of creative resilience in the one-hour session. He’ll also discuss the value of adopting creative practices for no other reason than it helps us make sense of what it means to be human.


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About Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is an artist, writer and speaker interested in creativity and the human condition. He works as a consultant and coach for those interested in finding creative and counter-intuitive ways to help free themselves from stuck loops of common-sense where creativity, novelty and change are rather difficult.

Steve regularly give talks on creativity, spontaneity, and human culture change. He also muses on imperfection, stuckness, counter-culture, shame and the inner critic and is a regular guest on various podcasts. You can watch some of his talks and listen to various interviews and podcast appearances here.

As an artist, he has exhibited his work alongside the likes of David Shrigley and Pablo Picasso. Steve has also sold his pieces across five continents.

Steve is at his best when he is on the edge of not quite knowing what he is doing.

Instagram: @stevexoh
Twitter: @stevexoh


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