Web Design – My development aims for 2021

28th January 2021

Web design is an area I am familiar with. However, it’s the fine detail of web design that makes a website special, and the less obvious details are often the most crucial.

Officially I am a web developer, here in the fine city of Bristol, so an appreciation of web design is part of my job. I also design sites occasionally and make creative calls on others’ designs.

Even so, there is nothing more annoying for a web designer than for a web developer to build a site and ignore some of their design aspects due to tunnel vision whilst building the site.

I am definitely guilty of this and therefore one of my aims for 2021 is to undertake some training in the world of web design. I am going to be kinder to my fellow designers!

I will be looking to undertake some training, follow some tutorials and also read up on the subject more regularly.


I will undertake my training and inspiration from a number of sources:

Creative Bloq – These guys have a good blog detailing all the relevant trends for this year and also a huge amount of useful information.

Web Designer Depot – Having briefly looked at this site before it has been something I have wanted to explore for a while.

CodeCademy – I used CodeCademy to learn to code so it makes sense to use some of their tutorials to widen my knowledge of web design.

Another impact of a website’s design is its impact on search engines. SEO expert Neil Patel states the following:

Good design solves problems, achieves results, and communicates a message effectively.

A good design is one thing, but if you can marry up SEO and a good user experience, then more people will view your site, giving you more business.

In addition to this I will continue my study of sustainable web design which I speak about in this post.


I am not trying to become a bona fide web designer, however a deeper understanding of the basics of web design are essential for my continuing development.

As the web expands and the world begins, reluctantly, to act on climate change I feel this subject is of ever more increasing importance.


About J Burt Web Developer / Web Design

I am a Bristol-based freelance WordPress web developer, making modern, sustainable websites. In fact, I’m Bristol’s first carbon-neutral web developer.

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