Top Tips for Filming Access Documentaries with Abbas Media Law – 26th February

19th February 2019

In partnership with the RTS, we’re delighted to offer this legal workshop specifically for people working in Bristol’s thriving TV & Film sector.

Using clips and practical examples this talk from Abbas Media Law looks at the contractual, legal and regulatory issues that can crop up in access docs, including data protection, defamation and top tips for drafting access agreements. The talk will be invaluable for anyone involved in filming with organisations such as the emergency services, hospitals, prisons, bailiffs, RSPCA, schools, corporations and airports.

Issues will be brought to life through a number of thorny questions such as “the police want my rushes can I refuse?”, “what clauses go in an access agreement?”, “how do I obtain CCTV footage from the police?” and “can I feature a contributor in a programme if they withdraw consent?”.

If you have a burning access question this is also your chance to grill the Abbas Media Law legal team who regularly advise on access docs and are some of the most experienced  television content lawyers in the country.

This workshop will take place at The Square Club from 3.30-5.30pm on Tuesday 26th February. The ticket price is £30+VAT for Bristol Media, RTS and Square Club members, otherwise £45+VAT.

Booking is via Eventbrite

About Abbas Media Law

Founded by Nigel Abbas, Abbas Media Law is a specialist niche law firm working principally in the television, film, advertising and publishing industries.  We are experts in all aspects of the law and regulation affecting these sectors and advise many of the UK’s leading broadcasters, independent production companies and other content producers.

With particular expertise in television and film, we have advised on thousands of hours of programmes and films over the last two decades, across all genres, from comedy and light entertainment to the most legally complex undercover investigations.

Our lawyers and advisors have worked ‘in-house’ in the past at major UK broadcasters, and advised a wide range of independent production companies and other content producers over many years. We have a clear understanding of the editorial process and how production works.  This means that we fully understand the needs of our clients.

We are specialists on all aspects of UK law and regulation affecting the television, film, advertising and publishing industries. We advise before publication and broadcast, working with creatives to minimise legal and regulatory risk, and following publication and broadcast, defending content when it and its producers come under attack. We work day-to-day with many of the country’s leading creative content producers. We are known to all the major media insurers and regularly advise on content for media insurance (E&O) purposes.


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