TMW Unlimited move into their new Bristol home to truly embrace flexible working

25th October 2021

Last week, the Bristol team of TMW Unlimited moved into our new home, Origin Workspace in Berkeley Square. We’re very excited to have found somewhere in the heart of Bristol that allows us to fully embrace a culture of truly flexible working.

When we began our search, we were looking for a versatile working space that our team would be genuinely excited to visit and that was deliberately set up for the requirements of the modern working world. In Origin, we’ve found that and more.

Not only do we have everything we need in terms of formal and informal working areas, and the ability to host events; we also have the facilities to look after our employees’ wellbeing (such as a lovely gym) and fantastic social spaces (including two incredible roof terraces).

A system of working that’s based on trust

After surveying the company multiple times over the last 12 months, it became clear that most people don’t want to be in the office 5 days a week, nor do they want to always be at home – they’re were clearly seeking a hybrid solution. The specific amount of days people want to spend in the office differs from person to person, but almost everyone is looking for the flexibility and work-life balance that being able to work from home brings, and they also a wish to be part of a fun, vibrant agency.

Based on the evidence we’ve seen, the fears that some companies had about reduced productivity with people working from home are unfounded. Not only do our team members tell us they are able to get more done whilst also being able to handle the responsibilities of home, the proof is in the pudding. The business is thriving, we’re creating fantastic work and our clients are happy, and that’s without people being consistently in the office.

That’s why we’re implementing a system of working that’s based on trust. We have enough confidence in our team that we don’t feel the need to dictate or micromanage where they work. It’s up to individuals and teams to do what they feel is right for them. If it works for them, then it works for us too.

A facility for employees to use and enjoy, not a place where they have to be

Another thing we’ve learned is that working from home has not only changed how often our people expect to be in the office, but also what the experience is like when they’re there.

This has created a stronger focus on maintaining and enhancing our culture and team spirit, and to give people the opportunity to form meaningful professional and social relationships with people within the agency. Many team members also highlighted how they wanted somewhere that could support their well-being, rather than act as a hindrance on it.

That’s why well-being and social spaces were at the forefront of our mind when we chose Origin. Having a place of work with a fully equipped gym and yoga studio, as a culture of wellness embedded into it means we can now look after our physical and mental health, whilst the location and rooftop terraces are perfect to help ensure TMW is a destination that our employees want to use and enjoy, not just a place where they are expected to turn up every day of the working week.

We’re all very excited about becoming part of an already thriving community in Origin, and what the future holds for TMW.

Written by Alex Burley, Managing Director, TMW Unlimited.


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