This is what makes work so rewarding

1st February 2023

I had root canal treatment last week. The highlight was the end.

Not for the reason you think (modern dentistry means the only discomfort is the bill).

It was because as I left and went downstairs to face the credit card machine the dentist let out a cheer.

But not because they wanted to see the back of me (I was a patient patient).

It was because I have “strange anatomy”. There are four roots in this troublesome tooth and one had embedded itself at a jaunty angle (that’s another thing – there are normally three roots per tooth, but this one is greedy).

At the end my dentist admitted it had been difficult. Her calm professionalism meant I was unaware. This cheer let me know that the jaunty root was a bigger challenge than I realised.

Overcoming a challenge

It reminded me how rewarding it is when you overcome a challenge.

For the dentist, it was my troublesome roots. For me, it’s when a client wants some website functionality I haven’t done before.

I rarely say “no” because with research and having a play, I may discover how to do it. If I can’t at least I’ve tried and I’ll learn something on the way.

If I can, I feel a sense of achievement and add it to my list of things I can do.

Most problems can be solved with patience, perseverance and experience.

And sleeping on it.

New challenges are what keeps work interesting. They advance our skills and knowledge. They stop us stagnating. It means we are progressing and giving our customers and clients an even better service than before.

That’s what makes work rewarding.


About Andrew Eberlin / Brighter Side

Website designer for independent businesses, curious creatives and community groups.

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