The Essential List: Siri Thomas

9th May 2023

Siri Thomas is a project manager at Armadillo. Previously, Siri’s focus was TV journalism where she produced, wrote and reported for ITV News. She then pivoted to a marketing career at ethical travel company Canopy & Stars before moving to Armadillo to work on the McDonald’s account. Siri now manages some of our biggest campaigns, including the recent launch of Winning Sips – a new Monopoly-style promotion.

In her spare time, Siri enjoys all things second hand and thrifting. At weekends you’ll find her searching out the newest charity shops, vintage pop ups and coffee shops, or at a car boot sale somewhere in the South West. She loves clothes, interiors, music, the sea, and visiting European cities. 


o Place of birth: Cornwall

o Hometown: A little fishing village on the South Coast of Cornwall

o Staycation: Camping in Cornwall or Glamping in Wales

o Vacation: I’m a sucker for a European city break – Bordeaux or Berlin are up there. Or snowboarding in the Alps

o Pet: Kooper the Tortoise

o Place of work: Armadillo in Bristol

o Place of workout: Jiu Jitsu in Bristol

o Side project: Reselling vintage homeware

o Mode of transport: (much to my dismay and despite having a car) Bus

o Bonus travel essential: SPF everyday


o Artist: Studio Lenca

o Musician: Current: Little Simz. OG: Prince. Always: Aretha Franklin

o Film director: Richard Curtis

o Photographer: My aunty – Sarah Falugo

o Film: About Time

o Series: Peaky Blinders

o Commercial: One that will always stand out is the Skoda Fabia cake advert – the concept and music are perfect

o Music video: Prince – Kiss

o Board game: I’m more of a tabletop gamer than video gamer – my current fave board game is Wingspan but I’m also a sucker for Monopoly Deal (iykyk)

o Book: SO HARD to answer – I’m a bit of a bibliophile so I have to list my top 5: A Little Life (still recovering) – Educated (wow) – Seven Husbands of Evelyn Huge (so fun) – The Nightingale (so emotional and powerful) –  Time Travellers Wife (love it)

o Podcast: You’re Wrong About

o Newspaper (off or online): The Washington Post

o Magazine: The World of Interiors

o Bonus culture essential: I’ve actually presented my own podcast episode for ‘A Life More Wild’ where I chat to George Clarke about utopian towns and secret projects

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Eggs, avo and comte on toast

o Restaurant: Bulrush in Bristol

o Cheap bite: McDonald’s

o Working lunch: Usually leftovers or if not – a burrito from St Nicks Markets

o Favourite dish: Sushi

o Signature dish: Goats cheese and sweet potato lasagne

o Snack: Hot cross buns

o Bar: Cotto in Bristol – great 0% options and my best friend is often working so I get a good chin wag

o Booze: I’m a sober gal so no booze

o Not booze: Clear Head 0% beer or a 0% Aperol Spritz

o Bonus food: Pain au chocolat

o Bonus beverage: Elderflower cordial and fizzy water


o Phone: iPhone

o Computer: Macbook

o TV: No idea but it’s just a big one that my boyfriend had

o Headphones: Sony over the ears or Airpods

o Camera: iPhone or a 35mm Pentax from my photographer aunt

o Soundsystem: My boyfriend is an avid vinyl DJ so I’m spoilt for choice in this department

o Pen / pencil: Not fussy

o Where you document an idea: I write down everything and have kept a diary since I was eight

o Casual clothing: Every day is a day to dress up in my view – I am an avid second-hand shopper so all of my outfits are pre loved

o Smart clothing: I’m a sucker for a good pink suit

o Footwear: Either my Salomons, Wallabees or velvet Mary Janes

o Watch: Some £8 charity shop one

o Collection: I collect jugs – ideally vintage and am obsessed with car boot sales

o App: Vinted and Duolingo

o Website: eBay

o Favourite social media feed: TikTok

o Work programme: Google everything

o Digital work tool: Smartsheet

o Analogue work tool: My Project Management notepad

o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Le Labo perfume and SPF

o Bonus kit essential: I am never more than a metre away from a lip balm and hand cream


Article originally published on Little Black Book on 21/04/23


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