Tech4Good South West urges everyone to do One Small Thing

23rd May 2024

A new campaign has been launched by not-for-profit organisation Tech4Good South West, designed to mobilise people and organisations in the region to commit to change.

Tech4Good South West relaunched last month and has unveiled its first-ever campaign to highlight the urgent need for technology to be used to create positive social impact.

One Small Thing is intended to inspire collective action across the South West to harness technology for good and encourage participation without boundaries. Being involved can take many forms – joining the community, donating time, offering advice, resources or space and investment in projects, people or skills.

A full list of ideas for getting involved is available on the Tech4Good South West website including:

  1. Volunteer as an individual or team with technology projects or charities focused on community inclusion
  2. Provide space for people to work/meet/create projects to encourage inclusion in the tech for good community
  3. Offer pro bono support, strategic advice or workshops to charities or third sector organisations in your area to stimulate technological innovation
  4. Organise a talk at a school or college to promote digital and technology careers
  5. Offer public workshops to raise awareness of online safety and privacy
  6. Fund an annual software subscription for a social enterprise or not for profit
  7. Investors – commit to funding a project or start up from an underrepresented group / women-owned organisation

Founder of Tech4Good South West Annie Legge commented: “Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, and we are seeing new innovations all the time. However, much of what we see others doing is borne out of a traditional business and investment model focused on profit. This campaign is about building awareness of the importance of coming together as a community and pooling resources for lasting positive change.

“You don’t have to be working in or be an expert in technology – you could be from any business sector to get involved – technology touches all of us. We are committed to harnessing the transformative power of technology to address pressing societal challenges.  From addressing digital poverty, mental health & well-being and environmental impacts, to ethical implications of emerging technologies, accessibility and digital skills.”

Tech4Good South West was originally launched in 2017 and has built up a loyal following; however, Annie and the team have decided to expand the reach and impact of the organisation after realising the value of the community. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year the organisation secured founding sponsor support from leading regional tech focused businesses: Torchbox, Digital Wonderlab, Purplefish, Modular Design, Naturally Social and Future Talent Group.

The campaign impact and collective actions will be published later in 2024.

To become a member of Tech4Good South West:


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