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Purplefish is a creative communications agency

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With over a decade in business, we’ve shaped Purplefish into an agency that puts its people first and works with businesses, brands and organisations we believe in.

We use our creativity, media knowledge and social expertise to create multi-channel communications that tell your story, build your public image and engage your audiences.

We shape our work to fit with clients’ needs – for some we have long standing retainers and deliver monthly activity and for others we work on a project basis, being drafted in at key times across the year to raise their profile when they need it most.

Over the years, we’ve honed our offering to play to our strengths and experience in the sectors we feel passionate about – with specialisms in property, tech, hospitality, not for profit and consumer markets.

We are a business that puts purpose before profit and our ambitions to make a positive impact both socially and environmentally weaves through everything we do.

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