Rubrik’s IPO Celebration Lights Up New York with Creative by Shaped By

26th April 2024

Shaped By, an independent B2B creative agency, proudly announces the milestone initial public offering (IPO) of its long standing client, Rubrik, on the New York Stock Exchange.

With a partnership spanning four years, Shaped By has contributed to enhancing Rubrik’s brand identity and marketing through creative collaboration across numerous projects and campaigns. Through a top-down commitment to innovation and creativity, Rubrik has invested in nurturing a trusted relationship with Shaped By as one of its strategic agency partners.

Under the leadership of Rubrik’s CEO Bipul Sinha, there’s a profound appreciation for the power of creativity in driving business success. This IPO serves as a testament to the transformative impact of creativity when seamlessly integrated into brand development and marketing initiatives.

In celebration of this historic moment, Shaped By has collaborated with Rubrik to unveil a series of captivating ads, creatively crafted by our team, that will debut following the ringing of the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. 

These ads were featured on CNBC in the U.S, and two digital billboards in the iconic Times Square.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the milestone achievement of Rubrik’s IPO. Our collaboration with them has been a fantastic and rewarding journey” says Nick Farrar, Founder of Shaped By. “Our partnership with the Rubrik team is underpinned by creativity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to design excellence. Together, we’ve explored innovative creative approaches and challenged conventional boundaries in the sector. It’s been a pleasure to deliver exceptional work with exceptional people. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey of innovation and success post IPO.”

Here are links to some of the work we’ve done with them. 😀

Read: Creating a voice in the cybersecurity market. 

Read: Brand refresh for Rubrik


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