Resources For Marketing Professionals on Furlough

1st May 2020

Temporary layoffs are an unfortunate reality for many of our clients and candidates at this time.

It’s not a reflection on ‘how well one does as a business’ or ‘how good one is at their job as an individual’, it’s the harsh reality of this situation we are in as the result of an economic downturn. Furlough doesn’t discriminate. But what to do during this time?

Here, we’ve collected a whole bunch of online resources and courses recommended by the experts, as well as our existing internal guides that might take the interest of marketing people and those looking to upskill within this sector.


Make the best of your time by expanding on what you love and teaching yourself something. Some free resources here that might be useful.

You can also take a look at some Marketing-based career paths, to figure out your progression as well as salary benchmarks and where a career in marketing could take you.


Some blogs that we’ve been told are useful.

Listen & Watch

Learn new things and multi-task at the same time. Here, a collection of some marketing-focused podcasts and webinars to keep you educated and entertained during your furlough time.

Join Online Meetups & Marketing Communities

Meetups and online communities are a great way of learning new skills, connecting with other marketing professionals and finding out more about where our industry is going next. There’s plenty still happening online.

This article was previously published on the ADLIB blog.



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