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Tumelo is an impact-driven financial technology company. Our vision is to empower all investors to know where their money is going and to use their shareholder's voice.

Member Bio

What we believe

We believe the modern shareholder ownership system is broken. Trillions of pounds are invested every year by people who don’t even know what investment means, where their money is going, how it affects the world or their financial outcome, or what they can do about any of that.

We believe investors in the stock market (pension members, retail investors and asset owners, like trustees) should be aware of and connected to the companies they are invested in; should have influence and a voice at those companies; should have access to their shareholder rights. We believe big companies have the power to break or make our planet. What shareholders demand, and hold them accountable for, really matters.

Big change takes time but we are patient and ambitious in equal measure; influencing the system, building a movement, empowering the world. Our mission is to build and scale the technology to make that possible.

What we do

We partner with UK’s largest investment and pension platforms, empowering them to provide their investors with transparency over the companies they own and a shareholder voice on issues they care about, like gender equality, human rights or climate change. We build APIs and beautiful user interfaces to deliver a totally unique user experience. We give platforms better engagement, acquisition and retention, coupled with the power to create a sustainable investment system for us all.

We’re a close-knit, ambitious team. We’re based mostly in and around the South West. We work in an agile manner; championing transparency and flexibility while prioritising open communication. We love food, rounders, board games and team trips (everything from canvas painting to cliff jumping in Devon).

Key People

Georgia Stewart

Georgia is CEO of Tumelo. Georgia studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge; has experience from across the sustainable investment sector including equity investment analysis at Jupiter, clean tech venture capital at IP Group and Business & Biodiversity projects at Fauna and Flora International (a conversation agency). She now runs a Bristol-based, financial technology scale-up, Tumelo. Tumelo’s platform is designed to give investors and pension members visibility of the companies they are invested in and a voice on the environmental and social issues those companies are facing. Tumelo’s software plugs into investment and pension platforms to create more engaging and longer-lasting sustainable investment experiences for investors everywhere.

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