How To Create Your First Email Marketing Newsletter

21st February 2023

In this article, we can show you how we create some of our best email newsletters and the process behind them. This blog post will be an organised explanation of how you can grow your business through email newsletters and the services we provide in order to help you do so.

The Importance Of Email Newsletters.

Email newsletters are a great way to advertise and showcase your company’s successes and services while keeping customers updated on any improvements and changes within the company. Nearly 5 Billion people worldwide use email, according to mailChimps blog post on writing email newsletters. Weekly emailing can raise your chances of reaching a higher percentage of these people each week. Whether you want to advertise a new product, service or event, email marketing/newsletters can be an easy and effective way to capture customers’ attention and drive more traffic to your website. Therefore resulting in more sales or higher interaction with your customers.

Keyword research is a practice that professionals in marketing use to use terms, phrases and words that users might enter into a search engine to find information on a particular topic, subject or object. Using words specific to your topic or product within your email newsletters can optimise traffic and reliability, ensuring that people feel you are a source they can trust when looking into a particular topic. Audience research and keyword research is a great ways to kickstart your email newsletter; they can allow you to adapt and change your email newsletter to your specific audience. Ensuring you get the reactions you are hoping for.

Subject Line

The subject line of your email is what is going to be the part that draws attention to your email and catches the attention of your audience. This will be the first aspect of your advertisement that your audience sees. Therefore you will want to ensure you fill it with keywords, and relative content and present it in an inviting manner to ensure it grab their attention. Make sure you include the information of the sender and recipient of the email, the date and any other vital information surrounding the content of the email.

Creating A Header And Introduction To Your Newsletter

Creating a good header and introduction is vital when grabbing the attention of your audience and getting them to stay interested throughout. During your audience research, you will discover how long your clients spend reading an email and gauge how much time people have to spend reading email marketing. If people have busy schedules that involve a lot of email traffic, then you will want to keep your advertisement short but effective. You can do this by ensuring your header is clear and concise and include all vital information quickly in your introduction. Images and infographics can also be a good way of engaging people while also delivering information quickly.

How To Ensure Your Email Content Is Effective

To ensure that your content is going to be useful and effective, you need to ensure you follow some simple steps.

Ensure that the content isn’t overly complicated.

One of the most important things is to create an email that isn’t overloaded with text and information. When advertising a product, service or event, people can get carried away with wanting to give all the information in a dense and lengthy email. People want to have content that is easy to digest, simple to read and full of the necessary information. Try not to go overboard with text unless the information you are writing is vital for your clients.

You can use infographics and images to help show key information in a clear and concise way.

Make sure your content is relevant.

There is no point in making an advertising email newsletter about an event, product or service that was relevant two weeks ago or is happening the day after they receive the email. You want to ensure that your audience has time to react to the information they have been given. Whether it’s a product you want them to buy, an event you want them to be a part of or a service you provide, you want people to have enough time to purchase, sign up, ask questions or react to your email.

Making content personalised

There are some useful methods that you can find on our email marketing page, that show you how you can personalise your email newsletters in order to be sent to specific groups of people. You want the right advertisement to be received by people who are most likely to interact with that content.  This links back to audience research/ keyword research and ensures you know what your audience is looking for.

Check the Tone of your content.

Make sure that the tone of your email newsletter matches the tone of your current website/ online presence and service you provide. Someone advertising days out at a waterpark aren’t going to have the same tone and use the same language as someone advertising Luxury spa days or luxury wine. Know your audience and create a tone that they will understand. Ensure not to use phrases and words that your audience may have trouble understanding while also ensuring to be polite and pleasant with the way you communicate with people.

Images and design content

Imagery and the layout of your content can be one of the first things that grab your audience’s attention.  You can also create content that incorporates important information to make sure your customers can clearly find key information they might need.

Key Takeaways.

Following these steps when creating content can help you get more out of your content and email newsletters overall. Email newsletters are one of the best ways of reaching audiences all over the world. Ensuring that the content you provide is well-designed, personal, relevant, not over complicated and has the right tone can help you get the best results.

How Fanatic Can Help You With Your Email Marketing 

Here at Fanatic, we offer Email Marketing services that include creating engaging, eye-catching written and visual content, and bespoke email flows and we can also analyse email performance to ensure we are doing all we can to optimise your email Newsletter campaigns. For more information, please refer to our email marketing and email newsletters here. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you with the services we provide.


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