Future Me Sessions; Unlock growth in yourself and others

15th February 2021

2021 brings with it a welcome wave of change in how we think about work.

Now, more than ever, people are empowered to drive their own careers.  But to thrive in this environment needs a shift in mindset and some core behaviours.

This series of four bitesize sessions with Katie Scotland is designed to help everyone grow … to use your strengths to feel more confident, have more impact, build better relationships and create more inspiring ways of working together.

Each session takes the latest thinking from inspiring sources and practical experience, and packages it up for you in simple frameworks and actionable steps to get you started.

Everything in these sessions can be applied to yourself and your team so, not only can it help you grow, you can build your own leadership to help those around you grow too.

MINDSET : Thursday 11th March 9.30 (1 hour Zoom)

Growth comes when you use your strengths to lean into challenges and solve problems.

FEEDBACK : Thursday 25th March 9.30 (1 hour Zoom)

Growth comes when you are clear on your strengths, and what is holding you back.

GOAL-SETTING : Thursday 15th April 9.30 (1 hour Zoom)

Growth comes when you are focused on how you make an impact.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY : 29th April 9.30 (1 hour Zoom)

Growth comes when you step into things you might not have done before, without the fear of ‘getting it wrong’… when you share your voice and ideas, knowing that the people around you have your back.

These sessions are for:

… anyone at any level who wants to learn or feel more equipped, whether you are a seasoned business leader or at the start of your career… in a small team or large organisation.

Book your place:

You can find out more and book your place for each individual session via the links above.

Places are £30+VAT per session (BCI members), £45+VAT non-members

“Katie has a real skill for helping you find the gems that will enable your growth.  She is empathetic and honest, gently challenging your preconceptions to help you see yourself in a fresh light – leaving you not only clearer about what and why, but with realistic and tangible steps towards how.” ~ Kate Lenton, Taxi Studio

About Katie Scotland, Future Me:

Katie Scotland is a leadership and career coach.

Katie has studied and practiced coaching and leadership development over the last 7 years, working with individuals from early career to C-Suite, from small business to large organisations (for the likes of OVO Energy, Iris Worldwide, Taxi Studio and Loom Digital).

Katie focuses on turning inspiration into action, helping people and businesses reimagine their futures and creating practical plans to get there.


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