Private View for the Art Exhibition of Gaynor Leverett-Jaques and Rachael Johnson


8th Aug 2023




The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB

You’re invited to join us for a private viewing of a new art exhibition at The Square Club by Gaynor Leverett-Jaques and Rachael Johnson.

You will be the first to see this new exhibition where you will have the chance to meet the artists and to claim your piece.

Come by anytime 2pm and 6pm, you’ll be greeted with a glass of fizz, and are welcome to stay into the evening.

We will be serving dinner in our award-winning Square Kitchen restaurant, with all 6-6:30pm bookings receiving a complimentary cocktail! You also have the opportunity to spend the evening in our exclusive members only cocktail bar. FREE RSVP BELOW

About the Artists

Rachael Johnson is a Bristol based artist working in acrylic and mixed media. Her paintings explore colour, pattern and portraits.

Rachael’s exhibition at the club will be showing her new series ‘I know who I am’. This portrait series began as a subtle exploration of colour, pattern and mark making. Rachael describes each one as an adventure with no real destination in mind, she just uses the marks from the initial layer of blue to guide her compositions. The characters are unknown but emerge through their hair styles, accessories and clothing. Inspired by her time working and travelling abroad and the treasures collected during this time, the colours and patterns of Balinese masks, Indian batiks and Sumatran wedding saris often finding their way into her work. The versatility of acrylic paint enables new layers to be added easily as colour variations are mixed, added and quite often dramatically changed to bring the characters to life. With carefully chosen names and a direct gaze, Rachael likes the idea that her portraits create intrigue and wonder about who the subjects are, their thoughts and what could be holding their attention.

Rachael built her artistic knowledge through years of teaching, with over twenty years nurturing young people’s efforts to explore their creativity, working alongside them developing their skills and their understanding of different mediums and techniques. Now having recently become a full time artist, she has time to focus on her collection of expressive portraits as she develops her interest in mixed media.

Gaynor Leverett-Jaques is a West Country artist, whose paintings are a deep dive into colour, texture, playfulness and joy. As a re-emerging artist, Gaynor has embraced everything there is to offer in her art. Building on a long practice of working predominantly with oils, Gaynor has gone onto explore cold wax, acrylics and mixed media, sometimes painting florals, abstract, abstracted landscapes and skies. There are no limits.

The Wiltshire landscape greatly inspires Gaynor’s pieces, with the vivid colours of nature, the stunning landscapes, and the vast skies. Predominantly working in oil paints, finding they offer a depth and luminosity that’s hard to replicate, many of Gaynor’s pieces are abstract, a style she finds truly freeing.

Gaynor’s goal is to express experiences in colour, vibrancy, and movement, encouraging the viewer to feel the love in every piece, always simmering beneath whatever emotion she’s expressing. During her creative process, Gaynor will build many layers, and then gradually will scrape these back to reveal what’s beneath, creating a rich history within each piece.

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About The Square Club

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