Plugged Series



31st Jan 2024




The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB

The Plugged Series is more than just an event—it’s a melting pot of ideas and innovation for Bristol’s curious and creative professionals. Each gathering is an opportunity to network, gain knowledge, and be inspired in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Their mantra is simple: come to listen and learn, not to sell.

Plugged are dedicated to bringing together the brightest minds in various industries, from tech to design, to explore cutting-edge topics and foster a community of forward-thinking individuals.

This Event: Hacking the Herd Mind

Speaker: Ed Barter – Herdify

Understanding how people respond to content is vital to designing marketing campaigns that make an impact. But humans rarely think for themselves. As Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman put it “Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats; they can do it but they’d prefer not to.”. Through social influence our friends, families, colleagues, and neighbours affect how we respond to marketing much more than we would ever give them credit for. In this talk Ed will explain the science behind social influence and how as marketers we can apply simple techniques to harness this herd mentality.


5:30 pm – Doors Open: Begin the evening with networking over drinks in a warm, welcoming setting.

6:00 pm – Kickoff: Introduction followed by insightful talks and interactive Q&A sessions.

6:45 pm – Continued Networking: Engage in meaningful discussions and connect with fellow attendees in a relaxed environment.

7:30 pm – Close: Conclude the evening enriched with new contacts, ideas, and perspectives in business.

Join us at the Plugged Series for an enriching night filled with learning, networking, and inspiration, all centered around the intriguing world of creativity.

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About The Square Club

The Square Club is Bristol’s Private Members Club for the creative industries. Founded in 1990, the club is a unique and dynamic environment for like-minded creative professionals to meet, collaborate and propel their ideas forward.

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