More Radio Drama with Nick Clinch

28th Sep 2021





As part of this webinar everyone will have the chance to either work on a short monologue or a duologue scene with a partner. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the session so you can pick Nick’s brain about the Radio Drama sector, making a drama reel or anything else you’d like to ask!

Nick Clinch is the founder of Notable Voices, London’s highest rated voice reel and voiceover studio. After working in audio for 15 years – first as a touring session musician, then as a qualified audio production lecturer – Nick was then introduced to directing voice overs in Chicago and has not looked back since . Today you’ll find Notable Voices in swanky studios in West London, working with some of London’s best voiceover agencies, household names, and total acting novices to create long-standing and fulfilling careers in the voiceover industry.

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About Tanya Rich

Tanya Rich is one of the most established and experienced female voiceover artists in the UK. She works in all sectors of the industry from E-learning to Animation, Radio Drama to Commercials. She has her own pro audio studio in Bath.

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