Exclusive Preview of “The Dore” with Explainer Talk

Film Premiere


13th Jun 2024




The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB

Exclusive Preview of “The Dore” – A Groundbreaking Short Film Utilizing Advanced AI Technology

Experience the future of filmmaking at the exclusive preview of “The Dore”, a captivating 9-minute short film by director Mark Horton.

“The Dore” showcases the remarkable potential of AI technology in visual effects. Although initially created as a demonstration of cutting-edge AI capabilities, this short film has evolved into a compelling piece of art that highlights the synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

Explainer Talk: Stay after the screening for a presentation by Mark Horton and discover the AI technologies used and gain insights into the creative process behind this unique project.

Networking: Arrive early or stay on for networking and possibly a few drinks!

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About The Square Club

The Square Club is Bristol’s Private Members Club for the creative industries. Founded in 1990, the club is a unique and dynamic environment for like-minded creative professionals to meet, collaborate and propel their ideas forward.

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