Doughnut Economics for Business Workshop with Erinch Sahan


4th Oct 2023




Square Works, 17-18 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB

This 4 hour workshop will guide businesses through action-oriented activities that are practical but ambitious, and aimed at catalysing innovations in their deep design. By focusing on the deep design of business, the workshop invites businesses to engage in a transformative agenda of becoming regenerative and distributive in their strategies, operations, and impacts, so that they help to bring humanity into the Doughnut.

The workshop will use the Doughnut Design for Business tool that Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) have created. It will be co-hosted with DEAL.

Those joining the day should come prepared to think through the most ambitious ideas possible to help humanity thrive within the limits of the living planet. They should also come ready to engage with ways their purpose, networks, governance, ownership and financial parameters can all evolve to unlock such ambitious ideas.

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