Book Club

Book Club

10th Jun 2024




The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB

A Book Club designed to increase personal development to support your leadership and work performance.

Join us on 10th June where we will be discussing James Clear’s ATOMIC HABITS (over 15 million copies sold worldwide)!

Building small consistent steps towards being a better person and better human, this book – Atomic Habits – helps to develop on the success of your personality by guiding you to create small habits and changes, working towards being 1% better every day.

“I love this book because we often, at times, have an internal knot within our psychology where we want to change things about ourselves – for example: a fear of public speaking, relationship with money, low self esteem, or challenges with our leadership ability. We know we want to change this internal knot but struggle to change it. This books helps to make micro adjustments to your personality and implement habits on a daily basis, helping to shift the really hard things you might find difficult.”

Join us on 10th June, where we will open up discussions on ourselves, our habits, our internal knots, and how best to move forward to success.

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About The Square Club

The Square Club is Bristol’s Private Members Club for the creative industries. Founded in 1990, the club is a unique and dynamic environment for like-minded creative professionals to meet, collaborate and propel their ideas forward.

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