Barclays – Exploring the Dynamic Impact of AI on Creative Industries

Panel Discussion

28th Sep 2023




Barclays, Bridgewater House 4th Floor, Counterslip, Finzels Reach, Bristol, BS1 6BX

It is evident that with the rise in popularity and access to AI, our world is undergoing a profound transformation across various sectors and industries. From healthcare to finance, education to entertainment, AI’s far-reaching impact is reshaping traditional practices, enhancing efficiency, and opening up new realms of possibilities.

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, its ability to analyse vast amounts of data, make intelligent predictions, and automate complex tasks is not only revolutionising how we work and live, but also challenging us to consider the ethical and social implications of this technological advancement.

Join us as we explore AI and it’s influence on creative enterprise. There will be an interesting panel featuring industry experts, in addition to opportunities to network with individuals from across the industry.

Panel Title: How will AI influence Creative Industries going forward?

  • Derek Ahmedzai: Co-Founder, The Peeps
  • Philip Wildman: CEO, GG Insurance Services
  • Richard Norton: Co-Founder, The Peeps
  • Rebecca Steer: Partner, Steer & Co
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