Arrive with an Idea, Leave with a Plan


18th Feb 2021





After a successful event in London in 2019, which saw creatives leave equipped with the advice and confidence to pursue their projects, gal-dem and Kickstarter have decided to team up once again. Only this time, we’re going on a covid-safe digital tour. The ‘Arrive with an Idea, Leave with a plan’ workshop will take place digitally in four key cities and will provide training to young women and non-binary people of colour who are looking to launch a creative project by offering insight on how to successfully launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Kickstarter and gal-dem both believe in the importance of diversity in the creative industries and have created this event to ensure that the next wave of emerging artists have the tools they need to thrive. As a crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter gives creative collectives and individuals the space to fund their own projects and build communities.

We’re aiming the training at those launching creative projects – whether that is fine art, comic books/graphic novels, craft, dance, film & video, journalism, music, photography, publishing, or theatre. The event will involve talks from Kickstarter, gal-dem’s CEO Mariel Richards, Kickstarter alumni and artists from each city, providing young people with the knowledge and encouragement to turn creative business ideas into real plans.

There will also be the space to discuss ideas, network, and connect with the other creatives in your city. We want to empower women and non-binary people of colour to pursue their ideas with confidence and assertion.

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