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8th March 2024

Hi Bristol Creative Industry members 👋. 

If you’re after a bit of inspiration from creative leaders across the globe then take a gander at The Changemakers brought to you by Shaped By. It’s a series of talks with amazing and brilliant minds driving forward creativity.

It started as a podcast picking the brains of brand, creative and marketing leaders in the world of B2B tech. Dave Corlett our Business Director was the original host and he’s delved into some belter of discussions on:

  • Finding your tribe in big companies
  • Why impactful design relies on “thoughtful rule-breaking”
  • Evolving your brand without losing its identity
  • Mastering the art of creative leadership
  • Brand and design in the age of AI

We then morphed it into different formats with multiple guests, got other Shape-lings to join hosting, and hit record on the video. While it’s been a privilege to chat with people from brands like Microsoft, Stripe, Zapier, Drift, and Webflow, we wanted to bring a new flavour to the series. So we’re looking outside of the norm, and interviewing people who are super interesting from a creative and design perspective. We’re talking sound designers, illustrators, artists and so on. 

You can watch the first foray into these as we spoke to Adam Legg, a Bristol-based composer and sound designer who we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. We dug a little deeper into the secret art of sound design. What’s the process? How do you ensure it’s relevant to the storytelling? And ultimately, what’s the difference between a ‘meh’ sound design and one that makes you stand out and take notice? Check it out here

We’re lucky to have had so many smart, insightful chats with genuinely good people over the 40+ episodes we’ve got in the can; and we’re excited to take this to the next level. 

Check out all the episodes yourself on your favourite platform below:

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🔴 YouTube

And if it floats your boat, subscribe, like and share. 😊

✌️ Alex Waite, Marketing Director @ Shaped By


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