Building brand authority: Why expertise-based content wins in a cynical age

28th September 2023

In this ebook from Rin Hamburgh, you can read all about what expertise is, how to demonstrate it, and how to leverage the subject matter experts in your business to create goal content.

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Tackling noise and cynicism in a post-truth world

No 21st century business would disagree with the assertion that the technological advances of the last couple of decades have fundamentally changed the marketing industry.

From build-it-yourself-website platforms to single-print self-publishing services to ChatGPT-generated content, the barriers to entering the competition for people’s attention has never been lower. Winning that competition, however, has never been more challenging.

But the challenge is not simply that it’s difficult to be heard above the noise. The ease with which literally anyone can publish content has made people cynical. As a result, they’re no longer asking, “What can you tell me?” Instead, they’re demanding, “Who are you to tell me?”

In this context, not only is it not enough to create content. It’s not even enough to create articulate content, or content that hooks people’s attention on social media, or tick’s the right boxes for Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Instead, businesses need to dig deep into the knowledge, skills and experience within their people and create content that is brimming with something AI-driven content mills can’t reproduce: expertise.

Expertise is, firstly, a positioning strategy

There are many ways to position a brand in a marketplace. You can compete on price or personality, values, location or, if you’re lucky, the uniqueness of your product or service offering. Or you can choose an expertise-based positioning strategy.

Expertise builds trust. It encourages loyalty. It allows you to charge a premium because it shows you’re wiser and sharper than the next brand – and you can prove it. If members of your team have mastered certain disciplines and subjects, why would you try to compete on price?

This strategy is also a strong choice because it’s difficult to emulate. You can’t fake expertise, or not for long anyway. Only a few brands have what it takes to even qualify – and fewer know how to translate the expertise within their business into marketing strategy.

But, if it is to have an impact, expertise-based positioning can’t simply be a strategic choice. It needs to be executed well. In other words, you can’t just say you’re an expert, you have to prove it.

Why choose an expertise-based positioning strategy?

  • Expertise builds trust
  • Expertise encourages loyalty
  • As an expert you can charge a premium
  • Expertise is difficult to emulate

> Download the full ebook here for free.


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