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6th April 2023

Video and animation will always be at the heart of Proctors Motion Department. And that’s why we’ve been hard at work continually refining our general expertise. But, over the past year we’ve also expanded our offering, to deliver interactive 3D experiences too.

Panasonic – Solutions Drawings

watch the interactive model video here.

Power at your fingertips with interactive 3D models


Panasonic challenged us to visualise how their extensive portfolio of hardware and software could be combined to create highly-specialised, complete, and integrated solutions.

So we proposed an interactive piece (making use of Babylon.js) that allowed users to explore sectors and areas for themselves – rather than a typical static image that acts as a clickable menu.

This all sat in an angular app, offering up relevant information in the form of whitepapers, product links, tech specs, video and imagery.

We developed a solid workflow that allowed us to: quickly design scenes for sign off; optimise geometry by hand and using AI tools (so the 3D rooms downloaded quickly without putting pressure on end users’ devices); create libraries of Babyblon.js code that could efficiently be repurposed for building out interactivity and the look; deliver a front end where content could be loaded in a simple JSON file, rather than buried away in complex code.

View gif in blog here.


Three dioramas for two sectors – manufacturing and education

Explore Panasonic Connect’s solutions in the Manufacturing sector.

Explore Panasonic Connect’s solutions in the Education sector.


With an average dwell time of 5 minutes for education and nearly 3.30 for manufacturing, our interactive models have proven to be a great way of grabbing (and keeping!) potential customers’ attention.

TOUGHBOOK 40 launch collateral

Watch the TOUGHBOOK 40 here.

Delivering a high-octane, high-end product shoot… without the high costs


Panasonic and Proctors go back a very long way, so when the time came to launch their latest flagship device, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40, they knew who to call.

We crafted a concept based around a fast-paced edit of the conditions a truly rugged laptop needs to stand up to. The final film was a mix of 3D, shot footage and visual effects (VFX), recreating the demanding environments where TOUGHBOOK is most at home.

The project could easily have become a very costly multi-location shoot. But we made use of minimal locations, lots of 3D expertise and some heavy post-production work to deliver even more, for a fraction of the time, cost… and carbon.

We demonstrated the TOUGHBOOK 40’s unique features – what sets it apart from the competition – wrapped up in a tight action-packed film.

View the gif in the blog here.


One launch film

Four teasers

All part of a suite of marketing materials.

Watch the TOUGHBOOK 40 video here.


Having worked on the numerous Panasonic product launches, Proctors has become the go-to-agency for new TOUGHBOOK launch films and collateral.

TOUGHBOOK S1 – Launch film

TOUGHBOOK G2 – Launch film

P+S Unlocked

Watch the CSR journey video here.

Fun animation and stop-motion…for good


2022 saw the launch of the first series in ‘P+S Unlocked’ – a new major initiative, designed to help audiences to tap into their full marketing potential with our latest insights, strategies and thought leadership content.

Series 1 took on Corporate Social Responsibility, specifically, how to communicate your progress and demonstrate your accountability.

We riffed on a Terry Gilliam style of animation, using a stop-motion collage approach to demystify explainers, illustrate some easy to implement CSR tips and generally add some humour and fun.

The P+S Motion Department went on a whistle-stop tour of Bristol to see our friends at Calibro and Burges Salmon to find out what CSR meant to them and document their progress in becoming the best citizens they can be.

Read about how businesses can make sure their CSR claims are honest and authentic.


Three videos

A host of ads, gifs and lotties (think responsive vector images that move)

An interactive online model of our offices, highlighting some of our own CSR initiatives.

Watch the sustainability marketing video here.


Lots of shares, new business enquiries and email signups. Now, time to start preparing Series 2 – Branding marketing.

Thrio: A stunning rebrand, with the moves to match

Watch the Thrio brand video here.

Creating a toolkit that allows the client to produce their own slick videos


Meet Thrio. From voice to chat to email, bots and beyond, Thrio’s cloud-based, AI-powered tech helps take the customer experience to a whole new level.

This film was the brand’s first foray into the world of motion design, and we wanted to showcase it simply but powerfully – conveying how Thrio’s offering enables seamless interaction using a calm and collected visual style, communicating clarity in a noisy market.

We developed a graceful motion language to complement their new brand. We conveyed a sense of measured confidence, showing how Thrio’s all-under-one-roof solution simplifies the complex by avoiding the use of multiple vendors. This was elevated with delicate sound design, adding timbre to Thrio’s message in a confident but considered voice.

But this wasn’t their only step into the world of motion. Using the style of the brand film as a guide, we’ve since worked on multiple video projects with Thrio, including a video toolkit – a cost-effective tool that allows the client to produce their own slick branded and social media videos.


Brand film

Video toolkit

LinkedIn adverts


ABM campaigns

Watch the Thrio LinkedIn ads video here.


The full campaign received:

5+ million impressions

300+ thousand clicks

85% website acquisition from paid media

196+ thousand new users on the website

231+ thousand website sessions

Trelleborg: Capital Markets Day

Watch the Trelleborg Capital Markets Day video here.

Illustrating highly technical processes… without overcomplicating them


Trelleborg is an engineering company specialising in polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect. From smart anti-slip mattress covers to trenchless pipe lining, it was our job to create several animations, displaying how various Trelleborg engineering solutions work – all in time for their annual Capital Markets Day.

Trelleborg’s products are often hidden within industrial equipment and machinery, so we needed to deconstruct them to showcase each in action.

Because these animations were to be presented at an event, it was vital to ensure the design and animation was effective and easy to follow. It was a great opportunity to explain and illustrate highly technical processes without overcomplicating them, with clear supporting copy.


Five technical animations


The project began with two animations to cover a couple of products, Trelleborg were so happy with the results that the final project was extended to five.

…And that’s just the beginning.

Our team of videographers, animators, motion designers and scriptwriters have been making award-winning, show-stopping video for decades.

We believe each of our clients has something really important to say – from tech behemoths and multi-national market leaders, right down to local, grassroots charities. Whatever story you want to tell, we’ll help you share it with the world. Talk to Proctors today.


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