5 Marketing Activities To Set And Forget

10th December 2019

Marketing activities do not always include creativity. Many tasks are repetitive and mundane.

Over time, when you grow and so does your number of leads, doing these activities is most likely going to tire you.

So why not automate them?

If you can automate, then you can spend your precious time elsewhere. But what is the first step towards automation?

The first step is to identify all the activities in your routine that are repetitive.

77% of the Chief Marketing Officers (think: Corporate) say that the sole objective of marketing activities automation is to help grow the revenue and decrease your costs.

In this article, I have listed out 5 processes that are common to most of the online businesses and can be automated effortlessly. These are simple, but effective business development strategies.  You can forget about lead generation, customer relations, organization, actual stats measurement and more.

It’s time to set and forget!

1. Automate your email marketing

According to Litmus, the majority of companies produce somewhere between one to five emails at a time. So if most marketers send out multiple emails in a month, those weeks can add up fast.

What does this mean? Marketers spend way too much time on emails leaving less time for other important tasks.

This is where email automation comes in and helps save precious time and money that goes into thinking and typing emails.

How to leverage? 

  • Create a compelling email sequence to send out to your mailing list. Make sure to tailor it to specific demographics for high engagement.
  • Then integrate the email sequence using an email marketing tool like MailChimp.

Most companies now have successfully automated their lead generation sequence to a point where they can generate leads on an unbelievable scale without devoting much time to the process.

Instead, they use their human resources in tasks that software or AI can’t perform just yet.

Even if you are just starting off, I would suggest you invest in a software that does not only automate lead generation but can also give you useful stats on lead behavioural patterns.

2. A customer relation sequence

With growth, you will be spending more and more time

Zapier is an app that helps you integrate your client relations and sales.

How To leverage?

  • For instance connect Zapier with MailChimp, HubSpot, and to integrate your outbound emails with CRM software. There are many integrations available.
  • Use tools like Contact form 7 and SendinBlue to automate lead-nurturing processes without ever having to think about it.
  • Remember to divide your content based on funnels to create more compelling content.

Client relationship management is quintessential in today’s age to keep all the leads warm. But it is a tedious process nonetheless.

Now, with Zapier you could integrate every sale with your email sequencing and with every sale, an email will be sent out with the message that best suits your requirements.

3. Automate marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is the backbone to formulate alternative strategies for any business. But with all the variables and data, it becomes a tedious and time consuming job.

Whether a business is succeeding or failing, it is always essential to take corrective measures to boost your success of mitigating your loss based on your actuals.

This is a crucial step in any marketing strategy. But why keep continuously checking the stats to stay updated?

How to leverage?

  • Hubspot’s marketing tool lets you measure and every spectrum of your business. From stage one (lead gen) to the final stage (closing a deal).
  • It also keeps track of all your activities so that you know when to take the required measures.

Having software like hubspot to take care of your marketing analytics lets you concentrate your attention on other pivotal activities while remaining careless about the actuals.

4. Use email filters and listing to your advantage

Do you spend way too much time sorting and keeping up with your email to never miss a vital mail? Most people do.

With ever alert tone (notification), I usually get distracted into thinking that I might have received an important mail from either a client or a prospect.

This hinders my workflow.

Sometimes when I am in the zone and onto something, a notification can disrupt my entire concentration.

How to leverage?

  • With Zapier, all you have to do is integrate it with your gmail and you are all set to start filtering the important emails.
  • You will only get notified once an important mail has been sent to you.

Not only that, I have a filter for my team, friends, different projects, leads and many more.

5. Set an autoresponder

Welcome emails, thank you emails and even reminder emails can all be automated.

Statistics say that any lead or prospect is the most active and likely to respond to your messages within the first two days of interaction with you or your business.

Missing out on this is an opportunity cost lost.

How to leverage?

  • Drip and/or Pinpointe are some of the most popular autoresponder tools available out there.
  • Set and forget your message such that relevant messages are sent out to every different action your leads take. (think: subscription, sale, comment, etc.)

Whether you have a new subscriber or a sale, there is always room to upsell or even promote your brand for making a loyal fan base in the future.

An autoresponder sends out emails that would have otherwise taken much time and also there is no room for missing out on any lead.

6. Automate Project Management

If you are a big firm, with a lot of workload and tonnes of inbound data, you’re going to spend a lot of time managing the overlapping project.

For this reason, it’s important to leverage agile project management tools to automate and organize intensive management in a simple and easy manner.

Why? Because it’s a much better alternative than having to use your team’s valuable resources.

These tools are generally a one stop shop for all your marketing related needs. You do not have to purchase different tools or even hire people to handle one great task “Your complete marketing needs”.

Automate, but be smart about it

Lastly, I would like to bring to your attention that content forms the basis of all automation. You would not want your prospects to feel like they are only dealing with a machine.

No one wants to sit and compile stats and information and then make sure they are presented clearly. This process can be automated and it should be as well.

Automated analytics, customer relations, and organization can help ensure that you don’t make an expensive mistake.

Have something else on your mind that can be automated? Don’t keep it to yourself. Let me know how you automated a marketing activity and how has it helped you?

Share and care. Comment below and let us know if you have any alternative options to the tools and guides in this article.


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