Why content marketing is important for your organisation

19th April 2022

All businesses benefit from content marketing. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector your business is in, or how well you’re already performing. By committing to a content marketing strategy, you’re sure to boost traffic and therefore sales. Regular content is the best way to stay on top with the ever-changing demands of algorithms and SEO best practices. It keeps your website regularly updated, feeds content into your social channels, and shows your audience and potential customers that you’re on top of your game. Here, we’ll explore why you need content marketing for your business.

1. Content marketing helps consumers understand your brand

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s unlikely that your brand has no competition. And one way to set yourself apart from that competition is with excellent content marketing. One of the reasons content marketing is a strong tactic for brands competing against other, similar businesses is that it helps to establish trust and build your brand identity.

Through your blogs, social media, and other content marketing channels you can establish exactly who your brand is and what it stands for. And once customers have an idea of what this is and how it aligns with their needs and values, you’ll be the first business they turn to when they need your product or service. After all, very few people take a chance on new brands without understanding who they are and how reliable they are. With your content marketing, you can make this known before people are even at the point of purchasing.

2. Consistent content marketing gives your brand credibility

One thing has always been true in business: customers don’t want to buy from a brand they don’t trust. For as long as businesses have been selling goods and services, they’ve been striving to develop trust between their brand and their audience. Now, in a world where customers look to review websites before buying, it’s more important than ever to build a brand with a strong reputation.

One way to do this is through content marketing. Quality content that’s relevant to what you do and highlights your expertise is a simple way to build trust with your audience and any potential customers who might be researching brands in your industry before making a purchase. The more quality content you have out there, the more likely customers are to believe in your credibility.

3. Relevant content brings people back to your website

Without going too deep into the inner workings of algorithms, it’s important to understand the value of creating content that works in your favour. Basically, the more often you update your website with new content, the more likely it is to rank well in search engine results because their algorithms will understand that your site is active and up to date. Content marketing is also a good chance to incorporate some SEO keywords relevant to your industry and the kinds of things your audience will be searching, which in turn will make it easier for them to find you.

The point of all this? Website traffic. The more someone visits your website, the more likely they are to eventually make a purchase. It keeps your brand front of mind, and will be the place they turn for authoritative content on a subject they’re interested in. And returning traffic results in lead generation.

4. Digital content generates leads

Generating leads from digital content is similar to our point above about making people return to your website again and again. In fact, all these points are intrinsically linked. Since the more they come to your website the more they understand your brand’s identity and establish trust in what you do and your expertise.

Generating leads is essentially the main reason you’d do any kind of marketing. You want to attract customers and for them to make a purchase from you. By attracting those customers through content marketing you are able to build a rapport with them before they even buy from you. They’ll develop an understanding of who you are, and will be more likely to consider you a trusted source when they do come to purchase. This results in more quality sales and leads, rather than those who buy from you without knowing anything about you and might then be unhappy with the service or product. Good content marketing places itself in front of a potential customer when they’re actively looking for what you do, meaning it’s a quick sale from someone who already knows that they need you.

5. Content performance is easy to track

Bending and shaping content to fit the ever-evolving demands of SEO and algorithms can seem like a pain. But one of the benefits is that it makes tracking and analysing the results of your content marketing easier than ever. 97% of consumers use the major search engines to research and find goods and services, so if you’re not appealing to their algorithms, you’re missing out.

Organic search will show you how many people find your content and your website via a direct keyword search. These keywords will help you to angle your content towards the kinds of things you know your customers are searching for.

You can also analyse the content that performs best, where the traffic comes from, and how long they spend looking at your content. All of this can inform your content marketing strategy – after all, it’s not set in stone. You should be prepared to mould your strategy to the results of your analytics.

Still feeling confused about how to build a successful content marketing strategy for your business, or why you need one? Get in touch with OggaDoon. Our team of content marketing experts know everything there is to know about creating and running a top content campaign, so you don’t need to think about it.


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