What is high tech marketing?

6th May 2020

At OggaDoon, we often get asked what is high tech marketing. It’s something we have a lot of experience with. But what exactly is it?

Defining tech marketing

Most people would define tech marketing as advertising a tech company. It’s a pretty basic explanation, and in general, we would agree – but that often comes with the assumption that consumers are going to be forcefully encouraged to sign up to something or buy something that really, they could do without.

We have a key difference. We at OggaDoon believe that tech marketing isn’t flogging a product or trying to make someone sign up to a service they will never use. Instead, tech marketing is about telling the stories of exciting tech firms to the people who will genuinely benefit from that product or service. It’s bringing together an audience crying out for a solution with a company that’s already fixed the problem. And it means hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.

What about high tech marketing?

You might have seen high tech or deep tech, two terms used for two types of businesses. One is simple: software businesses rather than hardware business. That means you cannot touch the technology you’re using, and all technology needs some sort of sofware.

The other is a bit more complicated, and that’s technology designed for businesses rather than individuals.

Thinking about our clients past and present, we have examples of both on the books. BlackDice and Zeetta deliver software to businesses, and both happen to be software. Splento uses software and delivers to both businesses and individuals.

Aren’t the maketing and tech industries the same?

Not really (sorry). There is also marketing tech, or technology used specifically by the marketing industry – but that is usually something we at OggaDoon use for ourselves to help us deliver the best possible service for clients.

What are the latest developments in tech marketing?

A huge amount, and it never stops. We love being at the very forefront of many tech niches, such as edtech, medtech, or proptech, and we deliver outstanding reach to our clients aligned to their specific business goals.

Some of our clients use technology to reach people in new ways, like Forth, a biomarker company with an innovative app.

Some use technology to make their clients’ lives easier and to deliver results, like forghetti, which offers a free app that removes passwords using a unique doodle.

Some use technology to make a positive impact in the world, tracking the energy usage of buildings, and helping clients to reduce their carbon, like Demand Logic.

Al of our clients using technology are driven not just by a curiosity of what can be achieved through technology, but also by their values. This means that means the person at the end of the technology never gets lost.

If you’re a technology company looking to make more noise about the impact you bring to clients, now’s the time to get in touch with us.


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