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12th January 2024

Your brand’s strong online presence depends on an impressive, responsive, and vibrant website. eckhoMedia’s team of WordPress web designers and developers have expertise in a full range of web design disciplines to bring your platform to life. From established businesses looking for a refresh to new brands eager to enter the market, we’ll design your website from the ground up.

What is web design?

Many different elements come together to create the lookfeeland functionality of a websiteWeb design is the term used for the process of planning and creating these elementsWhile web designers have primarily designed for desktop browsers in the pastmobile devices and tablets are now the top devices used to browse the web and your web design should cater to a mobile-first audience.

What makes a good website design?

Good web designers consider many factors during the design process and design is not solely about looking good. To design a great website our designers consider the user experience, your brand identity, your marketing goals and the website’s overall performance.  Essentially, it’s about using your website’s layoutcontent, colours, fonts, images and structure to entice users to stay on the website and optimize their journey.

Why is good web design important?

With thousands of new websites launching or being updated every week, it’s important to ensure your website doesn’t get lost in the noise. Our web designer’s creative thinking and planning of your new website design will encourage the visitors to take the actions you want, whether that is to place an online order, pick up the phone to make an enquiry or fill out an online form.

Web design vs web development

Web design is about how a website visually looks and web development is about how a website functions behind the design. Many platforms today offer a “do it yourself” toolset which usually involves dragging some images and text boxes around on a screen for you to populate with your own words and photos. This method of building websites works well for some people and it combines both web design and web development into 1 process.

Our problem with this method of working is most websites that use these types of tools all have a similar look and feel. There is nothing unique or bespoke about them and usually, these websites are not very well optimised behind the design which can lead to your website getting lost in the noise of thousands of other websites being launched or updated every week.

How does eckhoMedia design websites?

We believe that our method of providing 100% bespoke designs, that are created from a blank canvas for every client is crucial to your online success. Our process starts with a design meeting to understand more about you and your business. Once we establish an understanding of your goals and your company’s brand identity, we then get to work on designing your website. We provide updates and previews of each design as we progress and allow you to add your feedback so you can help shape the final result, whilst using our web designer’s years of expertise to guide you through any important design decisions.

How does eckhoMedia develop websites?

We don’t use the “do it yourself” toolset, you are paying for a professional service so we do things the professional way. Our websites are hand-coded from a blank page to match the exact designs we produced in the first step of the process. By hand-coding each web page this ensures the code is clean, responsive, and optimised for the fastest website performance. Once the functional coding work is complete and the website is working as expected, we then make all of the images and text editable giving you full control to update any of the content in the future.

Web design Bristol

If you’re looking for a new web design in the Bristol area or anywhere in the UK and you like what you have read above. Contact us today for a free no-obligation discussion. You can also check out all of our bespoke web designs by viewing our work.


About eckhoMedia

eckhoMedia have many years of experience in the web design and web development industry working with clients in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and across the UK.

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