Visualiser lands the first apprentice!

13th August 2019

Bristol Media’s new Visualiser apprenticeship programme has its first recruit! Congratulations to Kheamah Powell, who has recently joined animation company A Productions as a Production Management Apprentice.

Launched in May this year, Visualiser is a partnership between Bristol MediaBabbasaUjima Radio and the City Council, and this new apprenticeship is a perfect fit for the team at A Productions.

Melissa Lipscombe, A Productions, says “The team wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to a more diverse range of candidates to be part of our production crew, alongside promoting the profile of the studio within the wider local Bristol community.

Working closely with Jo Sunderland from Diverse Insights, we ran two events, one with Babbasa, based at Wilder Street and one with Ujima Radio based at St Pauls Learning Centre. We advertised through our own website but also through Creative Access.

There was a fantastic response and Kheamah was one of 33 applicants who applied. The competition was tough, but Kheamah really stood out and we are delighted that she has accepted a job as part of our Production team.

Cirencester College have been great to work with, they advised on, and coordinated the recruitment process and will continue to support Kheamah and A Productions throughout her contract on the production. We couldn’t recommend the whole process enough!

Hands-on experience

Kheamah says: “The apprenticeship has given me real hands on experience – I’m really enjoying working and learning every day!”

If you’d like to widen the diversity of your team or would like to speak to someone about the Visualiser apprentice programme, get in touch with Paul Appleby ([email protected]). For more info on Visualiser visit:



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