Torchbox incorporates in the USA

23rd September 2020

Over the last five years we’ve seen our US client base grow, with names such as the University of Pennsylvania, Oxfam America, and NASA. The Wagtail CMS has also gone from strength to strength, with thousands of US organisations now using it to power their digital estate. With this track record, and many more opportunities in the pipeline, it’s the perfect time to set up in the USA.

“You’re expanding and opening an office during a Pandemic?”

Expanding yes… but we’re not opening a new office.

We’ve been looking at setting up in the US for a number of years, but settling on a location has proved difficult. Our clients are located all over America – from New York to California – so committing to bricks and mortar in one state would still have meant committing to high flying miles if we were mainly collaborating on site.

This is something we wanted to avoid as much as possible, so we continued working with our US clients from our offices in the UK and with our distributed development team in North America. This has enabled us to refine our processes and become experts in delivering digital products remotely. As the world has become more borderless our US business has really grown, with over 20% of our revenue coming from North America.

When the Covid pandemic hit, like many businesses we were nervous what the future held – not only for us, but also our clients. As it turns out, Coronavirus has actually accelerated our growth because more organisations in the US are shifting to remote working, mirroring what we see in European markets. Teams are much more open-minded about the potential for working remotely. They still want to work collaboratively but being physically in the same location has become less important. But, whilst remote has become king, clients do still want to work with teams on similar timezones, so we are looking to expand our development team in North America.

All of this has led to our decision to incorporate in the US. Not only does this make it easier for American organisations to do business with us, but it also helps us grow our team stateside. We can continue to do what we do best – collaborating remotely with clients to turn their vision into reality.

If you’re keen to know more about our service offering in the US, or would like to become part of our team, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


About Torchbox

Torchbox is an employee-owned digital agency working with nonprofits and public sector organisations in the UK and internationally.

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