Top things to know about organic social media marketing in 2024

19th April 2024

A recent study by Statista has found that over five billion people are using social media platforms as of 2024.

With so many people online, it’s important to consider how this will affect your marketing activities.

What are the top 3 challenges of organic social media marketing in 2024?

1. Too many people are using social media

And that’s a bad thing, why?

More social media accounts mean there is more content shared monthly/weekly/daily/hourly. This means that whenever organic social media posts are published, they are competing against a greater pool of posts for social media users’ attention. This impacts reach and impressions, but also engagement and lead opportunities. For startups, the challenge is even harder than for established businesses, because they have to build their audience from scratch.

2. New policies and regulations

New policies and regulations, such as the tone of voice or what is considered proper social media conduct can be interpretable. This can limit creativity when it comes to creating hype designs and captions, using language that is familiar and relatable to a specific category of social media users, that the company targets. The challenge here is that when posts lack a personal touch, they won’t generate the intended impact on the targeted audience. Startups with a specific audience risk not relating to their targeted audience.

3. Constantly changing algorithms

When social media channels record impressive growth, their algorithms change. Currently, Facebook, Instagram, and more recently LinkedIn, disfavor organic content, especially for business accounts, reducing the reach and impressions for posts belonging to such accounts. Their purpose is to push companies towards paid content. This can appear discouraging for startups, adding up to their efforts to build their followers, and then to show their messages to as many people as possible, organically.

So, is organic social media still working for business accounts? Can business accounts achieve organic social media growth?

While the above challenges picture a tough environment for businesses to compete for users’ attention on social media, let’s not forget that this is an ever-evolving place to communicate with your audience. Especially for a start-up business, it’s key to capitalise on the opportunities presented below.

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