The Power of Motion Graphics: How to Elevate Your Social Media & Marketing Campaigns

29th February 2024

Ever cruise past a social media post or ad, and it’s just… uninspiring? Static imagery? Dull text? We understand. Shouting above the noise in a cluttered content landscape can be a real challenge, meaning that this is precisely how you don’t want people to see your online content. When you don’t make a statement, the content you’ve worked so hard on ends up being scrolled past like it’s nothing, and that’s undoubtedly not going to help you grow. However, there is a way beyond this – your riposte of motion graphics! Injecting a touch of animation into your social activity can transform things from forgettable to fascinating. This is precisely what we’re talking about today as we put motion graphics under the spotlight. We’ll show you what they are, why they pack such a powerful punch, and how you can harness them to up your own social media and marketing efforts. Let’s get into it.

What are Motion Graphics?

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly are motion graphics? Motion graphics are essentially animated graphics that convey motion and visual storytelling through various design elements, such as typography, illustrations, and shapes. Here’s an example: Goodwood Festival of Speed – Female Trailblazers. Motion graphics are often short, bitesize pieces of content with major visual impact. Remember how the Netflix logo bounces into view when you fire up your app? That’s motion graphics in action. Now, think about them in a marketing context. Motion graphics take your standard static images and text to the next level. Their hypnotic movements seize your audience’s focus and memorably deliver your message. You’ve likely seen them in explainer videos, product demos, social ads, and TV/film title sequences. The key is their emphasis on animated graphic design over live-action footage. This specialised focus makes them extra engaging to watch. So, in a sea of sterile posts, motion graphics add a vital spark. Their kinetic energy can instantly magnetise wandering eyes – precisely what you need to stand out! And according to research… social media video generates over 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, which explains why 59% of marketers are using them.

What are the benefits of using Motion Graphics?

With motion graphics fresh in our minds, let’s get into why you should use them. What superpowers can these kinetic visuals unlock for your marketing? The answer is plenty! For starters, motion graphics are like social media catnip. Their compelling visual energy can mesmerise your audience, earning more likes, shares, and comments across platforms. Just take a moment to think about how captivating Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks are. This punchy, short-form content grabs the masses’ attention and encourages them to want more. Quite simply, if you’re not creating this kind of content, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to engage your audience. Next, brand recognition. When correctly produced, motion graphics are a powerful way to create a consistent, recognisable style. So when viewers see your graphics in motion, they’ll know it’s you. Building that instant brand awareness is marketing gold. What about storytelling? These days, effective marketing is all about connecting with an audience or target market emotionally, drawing lines between humans and the vision of your business. Take a look at this example for the United Rugby Championship. Motion graphics are an innovative and strategic way to make this easy, allowing you to explain complex topics clearly and memorably. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity! So, if you’re looking for more visibility, engagement, and captivated audiences, motion graphics check all the boxes. Let’s get shaking and see how these mesmerising animations can escalate your marketing!

How to incorporate Motion Graphics in your Marketing Campaigns

You may think that bringing motion graphics into your marketing efforts is a big challenge. Probably an expensive, long, and arduous process where you’ll spend a lot of money without necessarily getting a massive viral return, but that’s not really the case. For starters, motion graphics aren’t that costly, especially when you’re keeping things simple. It’s not like you need to pay for a huge studio, cameras, and actors like you do with traditional advertising. If you plan to use motion graphics as part of your social media efforts, there is a process that ensures you get the best results and the best ROI. Here are some tips:

  • Understand your target audience: Identify their preferences and interests so you can create motion graphics that resonate with them and encourage engagement.

  • Choose the appropriate style: Select a style that aligns with your brand and message. Whether it’s sleek and modern or fun and playful, the style should reflect your campaign’s personality.

  • Work with a professional team: A skilled motion graphics team can provide guidance on design, animation, and best practices to ensure your motion graphics are effective and visually appealing.

  • Integrate with other assets: Reinforce your message and make it more memorable by adding animated elements to your static images or using motion graphics in your video content to keep your audience engaged throughout.


With the proper prep, strategy, and style, you can create captivating animations that spellbind audiences. Just imagine – more shares, stronger branding, crystal clear storytelling. All of this leads to a positive ROI! Ready to start animating your content and taking it to the next level? Vivid have got you covered. We’re here to help craft bespoke animations that dazzle and delight.

Contact us today to explore how custom motion graphics can electrify your next campaign! Let’s get those creative juices flowing.


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