The MUZA Collective | Express Interest in Bristol & Bath’s Upcoming Freelance Incubator & Cooperative

21st April 2022

📣 Introducing The MUZA Collective for Bristol & Bath-based Creatives 📣

Did you know the Creative Industries is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the UK economy, contributing over £111 billion every year? That’s almost £13 million every hour! But despite this impressive growth, work in the creative sector can be extremely precarious… especially for freelance creatives.

Sick pay? Holiday pay? Income security? IR35? Taxes? etc.

As part of our fourth-year innovation project at the University of Bristol, my co-founder and I (Harry Ellis) set about changing this narrative. We immersed ourselves in the region’s vibrant creatives communities, collaborated with experts from Nesta, The RSA and Creative UK, and have developed a solution that provides the necessary securities that freelancers typically miss out on. Introducing… The MUZA Collective.


The MUZA Collective is a social enterprise concept to support Bristol and Bath-based creative freelancers by combining cooperative principles with the protective salaried status provided by a formal employment contract. Importantly, while our freelance members benefit from improved social security, automated tax/insurances and statutory employment rights, our shared enterprise does not sacrifice their autonomy as they are still in control and work on their own terms.

Our unique offerings:

  1. Salaried employment status – the most protected form of worker classification in the UK, which makes our members eligible for minimum statuary employment benefits
  2. Wage portage/smoothing – providing freelancers with an averaged monthly salary, with an upfront payment guarantee to provide necessary income security
  3. Automated admin/legal/insurances – remove the hassle from running your own freelance enterprise; we invoice, forward social security contributions and taxes, and enlist our members with workplace pensions, giving you more time to be creative
  4. Shared enterprise – gives our members agency, voice and representation within the enterprise; you become part of something bigger than sum of its parts
  5. Collective network – benefit from creative cross-collaboration, mentorship and skill development in a safe, healthy & inclusive environment, based in Bristol-Bath


Sound interesting? Please register your interest today (it’s free, quick & easy!)

In order to move this project from concept to reality, we’d like to invite your support. By expressing your interest today, you can provide us with a valuable proof of desirability, which is vital for the next stage of our project: development!

Please express your interest at: (simply your name and email!)

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

– Harry and Frankie


About Francesca Woolf

Hello! I am an entrepreneur driven to mobilise the power of technology to bring about systems change. I specialise in user experience (UX) in user centred design project.

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