The Benefits of Explainer Animations

17th November 2020

We all love compelling stories that capture our emotions. The characters in these stories have complex arcs that can relate to us in our daily lives. 2D animation videos make the audience associate with the characters and their message. Brand messaging can be delivered with precision and impact through 2D animation and explainer videos to the audience. The characters in 2D animation videos and explainer animation videos display the intrinsic human value of your service.

2D animation videos express the brand purpose to the client through moving objects and figure. This has the ability to capture the attention and increase the quality of engagement of the audience. The target audience is given a flowing account of the business services in a creative way.

Benefits of 2D Animation videos

Pour life into abstract ideas

  • The powers of the strong visual display can be leveraged by 2D animation videos. These videos transform ideas into tangible realistic tools that can be made to impress the client with the unique selling features of your product.
  • A 2D animation video gives impetus to the buying decision of the client by engaging the right sensory parts of the brain. This will lead to a higher rate of lead conversion than conventional advertising.

Convenient to understand

Product promotion through 2D videos is the simplest way to display the working of the product. The characters in the 2D video can be scripted according to your marketing needs. This leads to an easy understanding of the benefits of your products in the market.

Brand promotion is made easy

  • Brand promotion in the digital sphere is made easy through 2D videos. You can find multiple creative ways to advance the visibility of your product in different marketing channels.
  • 2D videos are potent marketing tools that take full advantage of the presence of different media forms.

Comfortable communication with clients

  • Majority of clients are not comfortable with highly technical descriptions. Eliminate boredom in client and enhance theirinterest by the creation of 2D animations videos.
  • Delivery of your core business message happens through simplistic means of moving images, bar graphs and charts.

Convenient to Search

  • 2D videos help in your product promotion by enabling the client to search them online. Videos have a high propensity to get top ranking in Google Search.
  • Clients can search for your product videos in different social networks such as LinkedIn, Quoraand Twitter and this increases the degree of accessibility for your promotional videos.

Inform and Astonish viewers

  • 2D animation videos have the capacity to enhance the interest of the viewers in your products. The narration of moving objects is a great way to increase the attention span of the viewers.
  • Good 2D videos with a wonderful script enable your business to form profitable connections with the clients.
  • Persuasion of the client into trusting your product is made easy by engaging the visual and audio senses of the client in the right way through 2D videos. Induce amazement in the customers through beautiful creative videos.

What are animated explainer videos?

Explainer videos are brief animated videos which focus on elucidating the core business idea in an easy, engaging and persuasive way. Explainer videos have clear and compact language. Their attractive visuals appeal to the attention of the viewer.

Main features

  • Explainer videos are short, precise and direct in their approach. The average explainer video is not more than 90 seconds. The structural components of “how”, “what”, and “why” are addressed to educate the viewer on your business concept.
  • The needs of the target audience are the main focus of explainer videos. The goal is to make the viewer feel aligned with the business proposal of the company.
  • Top-notch quality explainer videos ensure that the goals of marketing are reached and the product makes a mark in the market.
  • The animated characters in the explainer videos serve the purpose of reinforcing strong positive emotions in the clients and this has a beneficial effect for the enterprise.

Benefits of explainer videos

Explainer videos skyrocket the visibility of your brand and have a strong effect on the marketing strategy.

Convey the business idea in a few seconds

Explainer videos are the perfect way to capture the attention of the audience and get them to stay hooked on to the brand. Incorporation of the explainer video on the homepage of your website will enhance the visit time of the viewer by 2 minutes.

Enhance your brand’s online visibility

Google takes note of the amount of time spent by the visitor on your website. The greater the time, the higher are the chances of your website getting a top ranking in the search results.  Video marketing is given a great boost by YouTube which multiplies the probability of getting the optimalvisibility your product is in need of.

Conversions areincreased

The catchy and appealing nature of explainer videos makes them a compelling watch for prospective clients. The end perception of the explainer video stays much longer in the working memory of the individual than a few lines of sentences.

The fun factor in the explainer videosincreases the retention of the information about the brand product and leads to an exponential growth in conversions.

Establishing brand awareness

  • Adding your brand colors to the background of the video will enable the clients to identify your brand with the niche in which you’re operating.
  • Explainer videos leverage on the color and style psychology to target audience in an effective way.
  • Explainer videos tend to produce a robust bond of trust between the company and the clients.

Live-Action vs. Animation

Animation videos don’t need moody actors and costly locales. This will help you save a lot of money and time. On the other hand, live-action videos tend to be more expensive with the added requirement of the ability for high-quality editing.

There are lots of good animation companies who can deliver the best output for complex products. Animation studios have skilled creative employees who can simplify abstract business ideas and bring them to life.

South West Film: Top Creative video agency for the corporate world

We are a top-notch 2D explainer video animation agency with a high degree of specialization in the creation of 2D animation explainer videos for our corporate clients. We have cutting-edge experience in the creation of motion graphics, explainer videos andinfographics that will present a visually energetic and engaging representation of your business to the customer.

Our commitment to improving your search engine rankings is unparalleled through the creation of amazing videos. We are the top animation studio to generate unique creative ways to bring your business idea to life.


About South West Film

South West Film is a video production company based in Bristol that works across the UK ensuring companies can promote their brand, services or products using dynamic video content and eye-catching TV commercials across all digital media platforms.

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