Talk Club & Halo join forces in the fight for men’s mental fitness.

7th December 2023

In the men’s mental health space, Talk Club stands out as a beacon of hope, fostering conversations, connections and support that save lives. With their distinctive “How are you? Out of 10?” mantra, Talk Club has been making waves in the male mental fitness movement for quite a while. As the brand has flourished, Talk Club recognised the need for strategic and digital expertise to propel it to new heights.

In early 2023, Talk Club partnered with Halo, a brand led creative agency based in Bristol, UK, for a transformative collaboration that aimed to address the gaps in their strategy and digital experience. 

Revolutionising the Digital Landscape & Opening Doors

Alongside a strategic review of the brand, the project involved a comprehensive website UX audit and subsequent redesign. Drawing inspiration from Talk Club’s traditional folded paper zines; the new look and feel incorporates a back-to-basics approach that celebrates their ‘make do and mend’ approach.

The new design is founded on the bespoke ‘Bloke’ font created by Fiasco Design, a distinctive and truly ownable asset that informs every aspect of the brand. Halo also worked closely with the Talk Club team to craft a compelling B2B strategy. Understanding that workplace discussions might require a different approach, the strategy for corporate engagement helps Talk Club communicate their diverse offer for mental health fitness in workforces of all sizes.

Results That Speak Volumes

“How were we? Out of 10?” With the website and B2B approach delivering exceptional results, both Talk Club and Halo are delighted with the impact of their collaboration. The website now seamlessly guides visitors from the homepage to actively engaging with the charity, while the B2B outreach communicates the importance of supporting men’s mental fitness in the workplace.

Halo is proud to have contributed its expertise to a cause often overlooked—the mental fitness of men. As Talk Club looks toward the future, both organizations are hopeful that this partnership will leave a lasting imprint on the journey to prevent poor mental health and eliminate suicide among men.

“We are extremely grateful to Halo for creating one of the most incredible mental health websites. Their vision and understanding of Talk Club will help us empower and support many men for years.” Gavin Thorpe – Co-Founder + Co-CEO

Halo is continuing its pro-bono partnership with Talk Club in 2024, driven by a shared commitment to mental health advocacy.

Read our case study here. 


About Talk Club

Talk Club is a male mental fitness movement dedicated to preventing poor mental health and eradicating suicide in men. By fostering safe spaces for open conversations, Talk Club creates a supportive community that emphasises the importance of mental well-being.

For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]


About Halo

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